With a global membership of over 5000 entrepreneurs spread across 34+ Hubs we want to ensure members are connected locally, nationally and globally. HubNet is an online social network that allows our members to connect. Powered by National Field, which was created to help organize Obama’s campaign for President in 2008 and HubNet allows our members base the potential to dial in to the network anywhere, anytime.

Mini-workshops that introduce essential business development skills and answer questions on topics such as social media, legal advice, accounting, getting investment-ready and PR. Business clinics provide members the opportunity to boost their projects and businesses by providing information and skills without the extra cost.

Best tool in the tool box!

The hosting team makes The Hub community function.

We are here to help members make the most of the community they become part of, we foster the environment, make sure people are connecting with the members they need to and always have a smile on our faces.