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The HUB Bergen is proud to have so many interesting and creative members full of initiative for changing society and realising new ideas and opportunities!

Check out some of our members below - and if you want to be part of our growing and inspiring community, don't hesitate to get in touch! Let's make Bergen the place to be for people with good ideas and the initiative to make them happen!

Check out our fantastic members!

  • Anders Waage Nilsen:

    Founder and manager at Dreis AS
    I want to use my former experience as a magazine editor, journalist, digital business developer and business cluster fasilitator to join in on digitial entrepreneurial projects within media, digital services & travel industry to create transforming life experienes & interactions. Currently I am doing two things:
    1. I am in the process of developing an interaction framework for local communities where I use my own neighbourhood as a live testing ground.
    2. I fasilitate a regional food system strategy in Hordaland County on behalf of a large group of public and private stakeholders within agriculture, fisheries and the restaurant business.
  • Silje Grastveit:

    Founder and manager at the HUB Bergen

    I want to make a difference for entrepreneurs in Bergen and the surrounding areas, by building up a supportive network and working community through The HUB. I founded the HUB Bergen to create a platform through which social entrepreneurs could connect and find the resources and network they need to make their ideas and dreams a reality. I am inspired by people who live their dreams and agents of change taking on the risk of starting new initiatives with  higher purpose then their own personal winning. I would love for all inspiring people with an idea in mind to become an active member of the HUB community and spread the word!
  • Viviann Skjold Henriksen:

    "Pilot" for Young People at Bergen Kommune
    I`m searching for people, who enjoy working in projects where the purpose is to create possibilities for different groups- prepare “ a better situation “ and “solutions” and The Hub must be the perfect place ! Now I’m working as pilot for young people in Bergen Community- I’m from DK – basic educated as teacher, studied Child –and youth Culture at South Danish University,Odense ,educated consulter ( Mobbing ) and educated process consulter. I have leader experience as sous-chef at a Danish school and as a leader of SSPwork ( prevented work between police, social services and school ) in my hometown Frederikshavn. Mobbing is a subject I lecture – both among children, young people and adults/ at workingplaces and in DK I’ve was working with class culture at many schools. I have been working with Kaospiloterne in DK about The Ambitionsfactory – a project for youngsters from 2006 – 2010.It was a fantastic project which every big city should adapt. In my working life I have participated in many exiting projects – Outdoor Games, DreamDay, Palm Pix etc. I like challenges in work…and I like to have fun while I’m working…and most of all: I like to be a part of a teamwork with social course. If you would like networking , don’t hesitate contacting me …
  • Susan Johnsen:

    Consultant at Likt og Ulikt
    I work with Russia, intercultural communication, internationalisation and social responsibility and sustainability (CSR). My services are research, analysis, implementation, reviewing, reporting and communication of CSR. I am Russophile. I have been studying, loving and sometimes hating Russia since 1996. Very much has happened since then. I dream about working with Corporate Social Responsibility in the intersection between Norwegian and Russian businesses with intercultural communication as an essential tool. I am studying MBA - Business in Russia part-time. From earlier I have a MA-degree in Russian language in combination with comparative politics. My work experience is mainly from communication consultancy, the last three years within international cooperation in education. For the time being I work part-time as self-employed and the rest of my time as an adviser for the Cooperation Programme with Russia.
  • Linn Sovig:

    Manager at Huldraheimen I'm a media studies scholar who has and still is passionate about games and what they can do as a medium. There's a lot of potential here that I want to explore. I'm also a communications professional. I've been a co-project manager of setting up an award winning website. I'm good at writing social media strategies (and seeing them through). I'm thoroughly interested in sustainable food and food politics, an interest I got after working with CSR for a coffee roaster for four years. I believe in creating spaces for discussion and creation. I started Girl Geek Dinners in Bergen (I have since retired as leader), I'm co-creator of - a blog that explores the social and political side of games and I also give presentations on gaming and internett culture.
  • Hans Christian Smith:

    Consultant at Batna Creating, implementing and maintaining systems for continual improvement is a demand companies often meet if they compete for public or private tenders. This principle is also referred to in several standards, laws and regulations. A systematic approach to continual improvement can help all companies or organizations in reaching their goals.
  • Sturle Monstad:

    Consultant, Monstad My professional interests include health promotion, health care, gerontology and ICT and my work revolves around these topics. Self-employed, I have a number of different engagements: health promotion project development, college lecturing and thesis evaluation, working with design teams on development of new products and services, and I also do some clinical work in home-based care. In addition I write about ICT and health related topics for Computerworld (Norwegian edition). Education: M.Phil Health Promotion (International programme at the University of Bergen), Cand. mag. (Bergen University College) RN (Stord/Haugesund University College). I enjoy being of assistance and would like to get in touch if you think I can be of value for you. Fee free to check out my website at
  • Elisabeth Nesheim:

     Multiplum and Hub Bergen
    I am an educated Kaospilot from Århus, and am currently finishing my MA in Digital Culture at the University of Bergen. The last years I have been part of the Hub Bergen process team as a workshop designer and and facilitator for events such as Grow (2008-2011), and a project leader for the electronic art festival Piksel. One of my main focus areas is the ongoing exploration of technology from a humanistic perspective, with a particular emphasis on man machine interaction and design of sustainable user interfaces. I run my own company offering project consultation (coordination and administration services), and process design and facilitation, with a particular focus on cultural production and technology development. All in all I am generous person and mind, and a specialized generalist with insights in a range of fields. All features that makes me a suitable sparring partner - perhaps for you.  
  • Torstein Skage:

    Skalation AS
    Jeg ønsker å hjelpe andre til å realisere sine drømmer!Skalation jobber mye sammen med gründere og etablerte selskap om hvordan man best skal lykkes med å kommersialisere nye ideer. Momenter som bearbeides er f.eks mål og strategi, forretnings- og inntektsmodell, finansieringsstrategi, investortilnærming, partnerstrategi m.m. I tillegg tilbyr Skalation tjenester vedrørende stifting av selskap, regnskap/økonomi, styrearbeid, ansettelseskontrakter og lignende. Jeg blir inspirert av gründere som våger å satse på egne ideer - og av å kunne bidra til at de lykkes. Jeg mener jeg kan tilby allsidig kommerslialiseringskompetanse både til Hub Bergen og resten av Hub-nettverket.  
  • Lars Ove Kvalbein:

    Green Living/ Transition Landås
    I am involved in a Transition initiative - Green Living/Transition Landås - which seeks to explore in what ways a local community can act together in response to the challenges of peak oil and global warming. What does a life with a carbon footprint of less than two tonnes actually look like? Because we believe that action shapes our attitudes and beliefs, we invite people to join us in experimenting with a range of different practical activities,such as chopping our own firewood, repair & maintenance, redesign, growing local food, neighbourhood energy & housing initiatives and more. In addition we facilitate large party-like events, and different ways of obtainingnecessary knowledge and raising awareness.  
  • Daniel C. Tabacaru:

    Architect. Urban Planer. Changer of me, myself and the world I´m living in:)
    I decided to start my own architectural practice, DAC,  to be able to get involved more in areas where my interest lays: sustainability. I´m certified as a Passive House Designer, and very energy efficient houses, and I believe that if we want a future it has to be a future of responsible usage of our limited resources and of sharing more. And a future that our kids will enjoy! I got involved in The Hub simply because I believe it is the best platform that I´ve heard of since I have moved to Bergen that is going to allow the innovation and spread of knowledge in a natural flowing way. So I am looking forward to seeing you around soon.
  • Agnes Vevle Tvinnereim:

    Initiator at Bærekraftige Liv ("Sustainable Lives")
    "Bærekraftige Liv" started in 2008 as a volunteer initiative to raise the ethical dilemmas concerning our modern ways of living, and search for more sustainable ways of being communities. Our primary goal is to contribute to a smaller ecological footprint and a higher quality of life. We started with a thesis that there must be a third way of action, between the political level and your own livingroom. Since then we have initiated a lot of activities in our local community. We grow food, redesign clothes, chop wood, cook consciously, host neighbourhood parties and educate eachother, to mention some things. In addition we search for innovative new ways to create local jobs, reduce consumption and lower our energy usage.
  • Xavier Baron-Bonarjee:

     Bergen “Yoga for All” (non-profit), European-Yoga Norway & Bergen Hammam
    As a recent immigrant to Norway (2006) I felt a strong need to integrate into the society with something from my own culture. I began with offering Yoga classes in the community centers around bergen and later opened a specialised yoga center in the city. The latest project “Bergen Hammam” offers an affordable city spa with a social atmosphere: a place to meet and relax with friends which does not involve alcohol. It is also cross cultural experience: The Hammam is one of the most delightful experiences in Arabic countries, which does not exist yet in Noway.
  • Anne-Line Randal & Anja Eilertsen:

    Reindyrka, Økologisk Mat Butikk
    Reindyrka tilbyr økologiske, etiske og lokale dagligvarer til forbrukere i Bergen. Anne-Line er utdannet apotektekniker. Anja Eilertsen er utdannet hudpleier og tidligere daglig leder hos Helios Grønne Basar. Reindyrka er et bærekraftig konkret tiltak for å øke økologisk matproduksjon og forbruk på Vestlandet og i Norge generelt. Vi gjør vårt beste for at Reindyrka skal være en samfunnsnyttig aktør i Bergen som støtter økologisk jordbruk og skaper trygge og gode arbeidsplasser på lokalt og globalt plan. Vi har også fokus på miljøhensyn i alle ledd av driften der det er mulig. Trygg forvaltning av jordens ressurser er en inspirasjon og drivkraft for oss.
  • Tone Boska

    Gode Sirklar is working project based in the field between arts, science/education, public and private sector to increase the collaboration between different sectors in the region of Sund, Fjell and Øygarden. Projects are initiated to increase innovation and sustainable development of the area, often in the field between arts and business.
  • Andreas Gravdal


    Youth speaker. Author of the book «En utrolig bra bok for unge folk» [An awesome book for young people]. Founder of the Bergen based youth network Andreas & Laget. Through the years I’ve established a national reputation as a skilled youth comunicator. My mission is to help young people make the most of their lives and to help those who care about youth «get through» to them. Learn more at
  • Torhild Eide Torgersen:

    Founder of Skrible
    I want to help individuals and groups achieve their goals. Simple as that!  My educational background includes a M.A. in Business from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH),graduating from the Kaospilot from Århus, Denmark, and a Lightning Process Practitioner and NLP coach from the Phil Parker Training institute, London. I design and facilitate workshops where you get to focus on your issue, and I help you do it in a way that is both inspiring and efficient. Learn more of all that I do at
  • Mihaela Tabacaru:

     Owner and Creative maximizer at Work Your Way Up
    I am a systems thinker and a people enthusiast. I have worked with people development in jobs ranging from sales trainer, to trainee coach, to organizational development consultant, to teaching assistant. I am educated both in Romania- bachelor in organisational psychology, and in Norway, a Master in System Dynamics and a PhD on roll in the same field. I am looking for involvement in projects with a social/environmental focus.
  • Kamilla Stølen:

     Student Counsel at Study Outside Norway (SONOR)
    SONOR’s aim is to assist Norwegian students on the often thorny and confusing road to studies abroad. As a counselor in SONOR I believe that student mobility is important for both the students themselves and society. As an exchange student, you constantly challenge yourself, get new experiences and meet people from different cultures, preparing you for a future in a globalized world. Student mobility can contribute to better intercultural communication and understanding worldwide. I hope to be able to share my knowledge, experiences, network and enthusiasm with the other good people at The Hub Bergen!

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